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Digital Currency for Casinos (DCC) is a token that aims to revolutionize the online gaming industry by providing security and transparency through the use of blockchain technology. The online gaming industry has witnessed tremendous growth, with the development of digital currencies, which has opened up the possibility of transferring and receiving funds directly without intermediaries. However, this growth has also led to the emergence of scams and fraudulent activities in the world of online gambling and gaming, making it a non-regulated and unregulated market. As a result, players are left in doubt and confusion about whether they have been cheated or not. Furthermore, many players and gamblers have faced difficulties in withdrawing their winnings or deposit money from the sites they deposited their money into.

DCC aims to provide a solution to this problem by leveraging blockchain technology to provide transparency and security to online gaming and gambling. The token will act as a third party to prevent fraud in internet games, sports competitions, and gambling in online casinos. DCC is set to bring about a global revolution in the online gaming industry by ensuring that players can trust the system and enjoy the games without worrying about fraudulent activities.

In the next section, we'll take a closer look at the blockchain technology used by DCC.

Blockchain Technology

DCC is built on the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain, which is widely regarded as the best blockchain protocol due to its unique features and capabilities. The ETH blockchain is a decentralized platform that enables developers to build and deploy decentralized applications (DApps) on a global scale. DCC's development team designed and produced an enterprise-grade blockchain platform solution that combines the best features from each existing blockchain, using sharding, interoperability, and a central AI consensus protocol to achieve high levels of scalability, sustainability, and security.

ETH's unique value proposition stems from its ability to facilitate the creation of smart contracts that enable developers to create decentralized applications and automate complex financial transactions. These smart contracts are self-executing and can run on the ETH blockchain without any downtime, censorship, or interference from third parties.
Moreover, ETH's blockchain technology provides several advantages over existing and legacy blockchains. Sharding is one such advantage, which enables the ETH blockchain to scale horizontally by breaking up the database into smaller parts, allowing for greater transaction throughput.
Additionally, ETH's cross-chain capabilities enable it to communicate with other blockchains, facilitating the interoperability of various blockchain networks. ETH's transaction throughput is also significantly higher than other blockchains, making it a popular choice for enterprises and developers looking to build DApps that require high transaction processing speeds.

In summary, DCC's integration with ETH blockchain technologies allows it to leverage the unique features and capabilities of the ETH blockchain, such as sharding, cross-chain capabilities, and high transaction throughput, to provide a robust and scalable platform for online gaming and gambling.

Project Overview

The DCC project provides a unique opportunity for investors to purchase the DCC coin and benefit from its potential appreciation in value. By investing in pre-defined token packages, project partners and buyers can enjoy significant profits through various means.
Firstly, the limited supply of DCC coins means that the more people purchase the token before it goes public, the higher its value will increase on international exchanges. This value can appreciate rapidly, even within a matter of days or hours. By purchasing more coins in advance, investors can enjoy a continuous and meteoric increase in the value of the coin until it is issued.

In addition, investors can also benefit from trading packages with annual return rates. These rates are generated from the arbitrage trading algorithm, and increase based on the total tokens invested. This is in addition to the increase in the value of the currency itself, providing investors with a passive profit.
Furthermore, investors can also earn a high referral fee by referring others to purchase DCC tokens. For every customer who applies and purchases token packages, the referrer can receive a referral fee of 30% of the packages purchased - 15% available for immediate withdrawal, and 15% in DCC coins.

By investing in the DCC project, individuals, developers, and businesses can discover new opportunities and become part of a global revolution of creating a distributed world. This project presents leading technologies, models, and methodologies that can enrich people's lives and improve their interactions in the business and creative operations as part of a global company.

DCC leverages several technologies to create an attractive user experience. The platform offers a range of features, including an arbitrage trading algorithm, a flash loan algorithm, a metaverse casino, and competitions between users

Liquidity Structure

DCC has a total token supply of 1 billion tokens, which were minted on contract deployment. The presale included 50 million tokens, which were sold in packages that offer interest rates based on the package purchased.

After one year, the public sale will commence, and the company will sell another 200 million tokens to the public within six months. Subsequently, planned releases of 50 million token packages will continue up to 250 million tokens. These planned releases of 50 million tokens, up to a maximum of 250 million, are aimed at further increasing liquidity in the market.

The company aims to eventually burn 500 million units from the total token supply cap.

Burning events are an important aspect of the project's liquidity structure. Burning tokens means removing them from circulation permanently, which reduces the overall supply and increases the value of the remaining tokens.

The DCC project has planned several burning events to increase liquidity and promote scarcity. These events include raffle purchases, live events, and games of chance, where participants need to burn tokens to participate. Additionally, the company plans to burn part of the liquidity during roadmap events.

Burning tokens is a common practice in the cryptocurrency industry, as it helps to control inflation and promote scarcity. By reducing the overall supply of tokens, burning events can help to maintain a healthy balance between supply and demand, which can ultimately increase the value of the remaining tokens. This, in turn, can attract more investors to the project, which can help to increase liquidity and overall market participation.


There are a number of reasons why burning tokens can be good for a project. It can help to reduce inflation and ensure that the token retains its value over time. If a project were to continue issuing new tokens indefinitely, the supply would eventually become so large that the value of each individual token would decline.

Burning tokens can help to signal to the market that a project is committed to managing its token supply responsibly. By reducing the supply of tokens, the project is effectively reducing the potential for dilution of existing token holders.

Burning tokens can create scarcity and exclusivity, which can help to increase demand for the token. If the total supply of a token is reduced through burning, the remaining tokens become more valuable and sought-after. This can help to increase demand for the token, as investors seek to acquire it before the supply runs out.

Burn Events


In this event, users can purchase raffle tickets for a chance to win a certain amount of tokens. The cost of each raffle ticket will be in DCC tokens, and once the raffle is over, the tokens used to purchase the raffle tickets will be burned. This is a great way to reduce the overall supply of DCC tokens and create a sense of excitement among the community.

Annual Live Events:

The company plans to organize four live events every year, and to participate in these events, users will need to purchase a ticket using DCC tokens. Once the event is over, the tokens used to purchase the ticket will be burned. These events will offer a great opportunity for the community to come together and learn more about the project while also reducing the overall supply of tokens.

Games of Chance:

The company also plans to organize games of chance where users can participate by burning DCC tokens. The games will offer a chance to win a certain amount of tokens or other prizes, and the tokens used to participate will be burned once the game is over.

Roadmap Event:

The company plans to periodically burn a portion of the liquidity in order to reduce the overall supply of DCC tokens. This will likely coincide with important milestones in the project's development, such as the launch of new features or partnerships. By burning tokens, the company aims to create a sense of scarcity and value among the remaining tokens, which can lead to an increase in their value.

Arbitrage Trading

The DCC platform utilizes an innovative Arbitrage trading algorithm that provides users with access to profitable trading opportunities in the sports betting and crypto markets. This cutting-edge algorithm uses advanced calculations and machine learning techniques to identify discrepancies in the odds offered for a particular event, enabling users to take advantage of the inefficiencies in the market.

The algorithm is specifically designed to analyze multiple betting platforms and identify situations where the odds offered on each platform result in a guaranteed profit. This allows DCC holders to execute trades and lock in profits in real-time. By using the DCC system, users can access a wealth of data that enables the algorithm to quickly and accurately identify profitable opportunities before they disappear.

In addition to enabling users to capitalize on profitable trading opportunities, the DCC Arbitrage trading algorithm also helps to create a more transparent and efficient sports betting market. By eliminating the inefficiencies in the market, DCC is able to offer users a more fair and equitable betting experience.

here's a brief example of how arbitrage crypto trading works:

Let's say there are two different cryptocurrency exchanges: Exchange A and Exchange B. Each exchange has its own order books and prices for various cryptocurrencies. Imagine that Bitcoin (BTC) is trading at $50,000 on Exchange A and $51,000 on Exchange B. This price discrepancy presents an opportunity for arbitrage trading.

A trader could buy Bitcoin for $50,000 on Exchange A and simultaneously sell it for $51,000 on Exchange B, earning a profit of $1,000 per Bitcoin. Of course, this is a simplified example and there would be additional costs involved (such as trading fees and transfer fees) which could affect the overall profit margin. However, the basic idea behind arbitrage trading is to take advantage of temporary price differences between different markets in order to make a profit.

Flash Loan Algorithm

The DCC platform utilizes a unique feature called flash loans, which enables users to access liquidity instantly across multiple platforms. To achieve this, a portion of staked tokens is used as a liquidity pool, secured by lender contracts and highly scalable liquidity management protocols.

To ensure secure and authorized access to the liquidity pool, DCC employs an Access Control List (ACL) on the blockchain. The ACL enforces a set of rules defined in the smart contract code to determine which users or accounts can access specific functions or data within the contract. By utilizing advanced authentication techniques, DCC enables cross-platform instant flash loans for its users, providing them with quick access to needed liquidity.

The DCC platform's flash loan feature is not only unique, but also secure. In the past, flash loans were not considered secure and were vulnerable to hacks and exploits. However, DCC has implemented several security measures to ensure the safety of its users' funds.

To mitigate risks associated with flash loans, DCC learns from itself to close security holes and improve its protocols. By doing so, the platform can maintain its high level of security and keep its users' funds safe from potential attacks.

Moreover, DCC's flash loans can be used for arbitrage trading, providing users with the opportunity to make a profit from price differences across multiple decentralized exchanges. Users can borrow money from the liquidity pool, buy a cryptocurrency on one exchange for a lower price, and then sell it on another exchange for a higher price. After paying back the loan, users can keep the profits they made from the trade.

The lending contracts used by DCC ensure that the platform has access to enough liquidity to meet users' needs while also minimizing risks. The contracts are secured by a portion of staked tokens, which are used as a

liquidity pool. Additionally, DCC uses advanced authentication techniques to ensure secure and authorized access to the liquidity pool. The Access Control List (ACL) on the blockchain enforces a set of rules defined in the smart contract code to determine which users or accounts can access specific functions or data within the contract.

Metaverse Casino

DCC is committed to revolutionizing the online gambling industry by creating a fully decentralized casino that operates on the Ethereum blockchain. The casino will feature various games, including slots, blackjack, and roulette, which can be played using cryptocurrency. To ensure true randomness, the casino will utilize advanced RNG algorithms. But the metaverse casino is more than just a place to gamble. It will be fully integrated into the DCC metaverse, where players can interact with each other and attend virtual events and concerts. The casino will provide a social experience, allowing players to chat and connect with each other in real-time.

Furthermore, the metaverse casino will also offer players the opportunity to host their own games and tables. This feature will be available exclusively to DCC token holders, providing an additional benefit to those who invest in the project. Overall, the metaverse casino is a unique and innovative concept that has the potential to change the online gambling industry forever.


Early blockchains had no formal governance procedures. Individual stakeholders were powerless to propose or veto protocol changes unless they knew the right people. DCC is governed by anyone who owns DCC's native token (dcc) in a fair and transparent way. The general structure of the DCC currency is created from the beginning in a completely decentralized way without the control of any power center, the development team grows in a completely decentralized manner, the marketing team is completely decentralized and random, and the power and control centers are entirely with DCC currency holders only. Serious depletion of the number of coins through the burning of 80% of the number of coins produced on the blockchain (as will be described later in the roadmap) completely reduces the power center among coin holders who even within the early sale process become a decentralized majority, bringing the currency's power focus to the people without the ability to rule over one another.

The marketing system that markets the DCC currency operates a unique marketing system - which focuses on commissions for referring a new customer/partner to the community, thus creating an automatic action of a new partner in the community. DCC coins can potentially market the currency and receive commissions and purchase the DCC currency packs offered by the DCC community. This pure marketing system promotes the distribution of KAZ currency very quickly in the world, as it increases the personal interest of KAZ currency customers to bring more members to the community.

Community (cont.)

Users can become affiliates with or without holding token, with a goal of promoting token sale in return for ETH payout. Affiliates have access to a media kit for different platforms and can generate a unique link to follow their clicks. In addition to payouts from token sales, affiliates enter competitions for prizes, and top affiliates get on the scoreboard and earn rewards. Active affiliates also get invited to special events.

Members can purchase an ERC-1155 (nft) membership card, Silver Gold or Black Diamond card. The Black Diamond card cannot be bought, but only granted to top members. The Members Club is dedicated to top affiliates that want to earn higher payouts for their sales by purchasing the one-time card. Members have access to one-on-one marketing sessions, special promotions, VIP entry to events, unique competitions, and a higher payout for their sales. The card is sold as an NFT for ease of use, but not with emphasis on NFT promotion or resale market volume.


DCC offers various package plans for token holders to gain additional tokens through the DCC ecosystem's financial tools. By holding onto their tokens or utilizing these tools, holders can earn more tokens.

The first option is soft staking, where token holders can earn tokens by simply holding them in their own wallet and freezing transfers.

The second option is staking tokens in DCC's staking contract, which uses the pool as liquidity for flash loans and DEX.

The third option is to invest in a liquidity pool set up for arbitrage trading and profit from gains according to their shares.

Each plan offers a different yearly interest rate for the package being bought, based on the amount invested. Holders can also opt for 6-month plans, and there will be quarterly payouts of tokens, with buyback windows available.

Quarterly payouts:

In addition to the annual interest rates offered by the package plans, DCC also offers quarterly payouts of tokens. These payouts will be calculated based on the total amount of tokens held by the customer at the end of each quarter. The payouts will be distributed proportionally to the number of tokens held by the customer, according to the package plan they have purchased. Customers can also take advantage of buyback windows, which will allow them to sell their tokens back to DCC at a predetermined price during specific periods.


DCC takes security seriously and has implemented various measures to ensure the safety of customer assets. The platform uses state-of-the-art encryption and security protocols to protect customer data and funds. The smart contracts used for staking and liquidity pools are audited by reputable third-party firms to ensure their security and reliability. Moreover, DCC employs a team of security experts to monitor the platform 24/7 and prevent any potential security breaches.

Returns on packages:

DCC's package plans offer customers a way to earn additional tokens through soft staking. After purchasing a package plan, customers can stake their tokens and earn additional tokens based on the annual interest rates offered by the plan. Customers can choose from a variety of package plans, each with a different annual interest rate based on the amount invested. The packages are listed on the DCC website and each package purchased unlocks a new option to purchase the next package with a higher annual interest rate. For example, customers can start with the first package for $150 and receive an annual percentage yield (APY) of 9.5%. After purchasing this package, they can unlock the next package for $300, which offers an APY of 13%. The packages range from $150 to $20,000, with annual interest rates ranging from 9.5% to 136% APY. By purchasing and staking tokens in these packages, customers can earn significant returns on their investments.

Overall, DCC's package plans offer a flexible and secure way for customers and investors to earn additional tokens through soft staking. With a variety of package options and quarterly payouts, customers can choose a plan that suits their needs and earn significant returns on their investments.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the objectives of this Token?

DCC aims to revolutionize the gaming and gambling industry by providing a secure, decentralized platform that offers advanced financial tools, high liquidity, and profitable arbitrage trading. Our objectives are to reduce fraud, provide a fair gaming experience, and empower our community of token holders with exclusive benefits and rewards.

Can I cashout at any time?

Package Payouts are semi-yearly. You can cash out your DCC tokens at any time by selling them on the listed exchanges.

How many coins / Tokens are available?

The total token supply of Dream Casino Coin (DCC) is 1 billion tokens. These tokens were minted upon contract deployment. However, it's important to note that the company has plans to burn a significant portion of the tokens, aiming to eventually reduce the total supply by 500 million units. The burning events are designed to enhance liquidity and promote scarcity, which can contribute to the value appreciation of the remaining tokens.

Are you charging interest on the Tokens?

No, Digital Crypto Card (DCC) does not charge interest on the token itself. However, DCC offers various package plans that provide the opportunity to earn additional tokens through the DCC ecosystem's financial tools. These package plans offer different yearly interest rates based on the amount invested, allowing token holders to benefit from the potential growth and returns within the ecosystem.

What network is the token on?

DCC is an ERC-20 token, operating on Ethereum network.

How can I purchase DCC

You can purchase DCC directly to your own wallet, or to a temporary wallet our platform will generate for you. For more information, visit our token page

How can I store DCC

Being an ERC-20 token, DCC can be stored on our platform or in any wallet that supports this standard. Popular choices include MetaMask, Trust Wallet, and Ledger hardware wallets. After acquiring [Token Name], you can withdraw it to your ERC-20 compatible wallet address. Remember to keep your private keys secure and never share them with anyone.

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