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  • Physical crypto credit card you can load and use anywhere
  • Higher payouts for sales and promoting DCC
  • Exclusive marketing sessions and VIP events
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Memebers benefit

Higher payouts

Members enjoy a 20%-30% sales commission, paid monthly. In competitions, our members enjoy unique deluxe prizes.

How can i market DCC?

The best way to market DCC is using your social media and online presence. As a member, you will receive personal guidance from our specialists!

How is the commission paid?

Your sales commission can be paid in USDT, to your personal address.

Can I increase my payout?

Yes! We have member only promotions all the time.

Memebers benefit

Pre-invitation for Events

Our members get automatic invites and VIP entry to all in person & online Events! All events are limited availability and provide excellent community & networking experiences!

How many events are there?

We have 4 annual events for our community, and more private events for our members.

What does VIP entrance include?

VIP includes entrance to a private VIP zone, free drinks and food and special prizes!

Can I bring a plus 1?

Yes! As a member, you are entitled to another VIP plus 1 entrance.

Memebers benefit

The opportunity to share in the success and profitability of the company.

By holding DCC tokens and actively participating in the ecosystem, you can earn a revenue share of future company profits. As the DCC platform grows and achieves milestones, a portion of the generated revenue will be distributed among token holders, providing you with a passive income stream.

How do I participate in the ecosystem?

There are many ways to participate, including playing games, staking and arbitrage trading DCC, marketing DCC on your social media, and more.

How will I receive my profit share?

Profit shares are paid quarterly, to your personal wallet.

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DCC Shark Club | Day
Member for a Day

Become a member for a day, and enjoy all benefits including raffle entry to top prizes.

DCC offers our daily members the opportunity for exclusive benefits as guests of the Shark Club.

2500 DCC
DCC Shark Club | Silver
Silver Member
  • Personal Credit Card, active with any merchant
  • 20% sales commission
  • Free entry to annual events
  • Priority DCC packages
  • Marketing training
9.99K DCC
DCC Shark Club | Gold
Gold Member
  • Personal Credit Card, active with any merchant
  • 25% sales commission
  • VIP entry to annual events
  • Priority DCC packages
  • 1 on 1 Marketing training
DCC Shark Club | Black Diamond
Black Diamond
  • Personal Credit Card, active with any merchant
  • 30% sales commission
  • Priority Payouts
  • Full member benefits

This Card is given to a vip gold holders over 1 year

Affiliates benefit

Become an Affilliate

Join our affiliate program and promote DCC to earn payouts in ETH. Use our media kit to generate unique referral links and compete in exclusive contests for prizes. Upgrade to the Members Club for higher payouts, 1-on-1 marketing sessions, VIP event access, and unique competitions.

  • Earn ETH rewards for promoting DCC token sales
  • Gain access to a media kit and generate unique referral links
  • Compete for prizes, earn higher payouts, and attend special events as a top-performing affiliate.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the objectives of this Token?

DCC aims to revolutionize the gaming and gambling industry by providing a secure, decentralized platform that offers advanced financial tools, high liquidity, and profitable arbitrage trading. Our objectives are to reduce fraud, provide a fair gaming experience, and empower our community of token holders with exclusive benefits and rewards.

Can I cashout at any time?

Package Payouts are semi-yearly. You can cash out your DCC tokens at any time by selling them on the listed exchanges.

How many coins / Tokens are available?

The total token supply of Dream Casino Coin (DCC) is 1 billion tokens. These tokens were minted upon contract deployment. However, it's important to note that the company has plans to burn a significant portion of the tokens, aiming to eventually reduce the total supply by 500 million units. The burning events are designed to enhance liquidity and promote scarcity, which can contribute to the value appreciation of the remaining tokens.

Are you charging interest on the Tokens?

No, Digital Crypto Card (DCC) does not charge interest on the token itself. However, DCC offers various package plans that provide the opportunity to earn additional tokens through the DCC ecosystem's financial tools. These package plans offer different yearly interest rates based on the amount invested, allowing token holders to benefit from the potential growth and returns within the ecosystem.

What network is the token on?

DCC is an ERC-20 token, operating on Ethereum network.

How can I purchase DCC

You can purchase DCC directly to your own wallet, or to a temporary wallet our platform will generate for you. For more information, visit our token page

How can I store DCC

Being an ERC-20 token, DCC can be stored on our platform or in any wallet that supports this standard. Popular choices include MetaMask, Trust Wallet, and Ledger hardware wallets. After acquiring [Token Name], you can withdraw it to your ERC-20 compatible wallet address. Remember to keep your private keys secure and never share them with anyone.

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